The Carey Living Room

The Carey's Fireplace

A Portion Of The Artists Home

Well they always say that the cobblers children have no shoes. We are trying to combat that way of thinking by doing things for our own house! Sometimes its hard to work on our own house because the last thing we want to do after working on houses all day is come home and work on ours!

We purchased a home that was built in the 1950s and that had been kept in its original condition with the thought of completely renovating it. We are going at it fairly slowly but none-the-less we are going at it. In addition to several un-seen things (like sprinkler systems) we have started on some of the projects that we had planned of a more visual kind.

Original FireplaceThe first is our fireplace; originally red brick when we moved in is now a beautiful natural stone / porcelin tile design with a custom wood mantel. Both tiles were purchased from Arizona Tile. The main field is is Cafe Forest which has been carefully laid out to attempt to have the veins match up so that the fireplace takes on the look of a slab. The hearth and accent tiles going up the outer edge are Metallika Iron which is the porcelin tile.

Mantel DetailThe Hearth was finished off with a small Oak trim piece which was carefully stained to match the existing hardwood floors and basboard which run throughout the house. The Mantel is made from Allegheny Cherry with inlaid detail in the top and across the front of African Wenge.

Completed FireplaceAnd yes! That is a really large flat screen Television which has all of its wiring run through the attic to the amplifier which sends signals from our computer (in another room) directly to the television. This is just another way of having a television without having to store all of the equipment directly below it. This can give any room a cleaner look.