The Copper Fireplace

A Mixture of Wood Stone and Metal

The dilemma...remove the fake rock wall and create a lighter, more liveable space for everyday. The original rock wall built in this home made the primary living area very dark. This area was where our customers spend the majority of thier time and they needed an upgrade for their own comfort.

One of their favorite pieces of furniture was a coffee table which mixed wood and copper for an Asian feel. In order to mimic this we incorporated the gloss black color with a stone surface and the hand hammered copper into the front of the piece.

As you can see from the picture to the right the amount of light introduced into this space was dramatic after the removal of the rock wall and dark wood paneling.

The popcorn ceilings were also removed so that the ceiling could be paitned with a gloss paint in order to reflect light. Creating the beautiful new living space pictured below.

A very small crown moulding detail was added to break the wall from the ceiling in a way which was designed to make the ceiling look taller than it was.

A golden color was chosen for the accent wall behind the sofa to help give a level of contrast to the copper within the rooma nd highlight the golden flecks inside the surface stone surrounding the fireplace.

As you can see the fireplace surround and the coffee table compliment each other nicely when placed in the room!