The Marquez Entertainment Center

Maple and Wenge Entertainment Center

A New Use For A Classic Style

After finishing their Fireplace Rosa and Yatish wanted to address their TV and equipment storage. They were using a nice maple bench for the TV but the receiver, PlayStation, and other gear were sitting on the floor.

We were given complete freedom on what to build. Rosa's only request was that it hide the equipment and be made out of Maple.

Dana and I felt that since the space was so close the dinning area, that a traditional Sideboard would fit nicely.

By mounting the TV to the wall it opened up space on top of the case for decorations. A Polk Audio, Cherry Center Channel goes nicely with the 4 Polk LC80I speakers that we placed in the ceiling.

Close-up of Ventilation GridThe case was made out of Solid Maple only using ply material for the bottom. The Denon 3808CI that we were placing in the cabinet would generate a lot of heat. As in all of our entertainment centers we design in ventilation. In this picture to the left you can see the 1/8-inch aluminum screen inlayed into the bottom of the equipment bay. We also installed low voltage fans in the back to draw cool air up, through the equipment, and out the back.

Wenge leg DetailKeeping with the Arts and Crafts feel of their home, the case was designed with Mortise and Tennon joinery. To add a splash of color I laminated the legs with a strip of African Wenge and used Wenge to pin the Tennons in place.