The Marquez Fireplace

Fireplace In The Shop

A Mixture of Wood & Stone

Simple but elegant was what Rosa wanted. She had pictures of different items she wanted included into the final design. Dana and Rosa worked for several weeks on the different elements. The Fireplace was gong to be the foundation to the room in this home.

Once I had the final design we started by lowering the hearth. We had our good friend Peter Dame come and remove two courses of bricks from the hearth and then cover the face with Durock.

Then we took Rosa shopping at Arizona Tile to pick out her slab. She picked a matte finished, Granite Slab. Once our fabricator, Block Tops, completed the stone install I got to work on the two columns and the Mantle.

The columns are made out of Hard Rock Maple and the joinery is Mortis and Tennon. I joined the two halves of each column with a 45 degree miter and biscuits. The Mantel is 3 pieces of eight quartered Maple laminated and shaped with a flush trim router bit. The top has Cherry inlay to match the columns.

Behind the 2x2 openings is a piece of four quartered Cherry. Everything is finished with ML Camble's Durvar "Dull" to match the hand rubbed furniture in the room.

We used low voltage lights hidden under the mantle to create a romantic feel to the room when the fireplace is not in use.

Beginning of ProjectPost Stone InstallationCompleted Piece Without Doors

Finished Fireplace

Everything was finished off with the brushed Nickel and glass doors by Portland Willamette.