The Brazilian Classic

Ipe Deck

Ipe Deck with Redwood Planters

This elegant deck was made from a Brazilian Walnut Called Ipe (also known as Tabebuia) and accented with African Wenge. It has a hand sanded and oiled finish to increase the depth of color for the wood. The oiled finish allows easy maintenance throughout the years. In the picture to the left you will notice that the color is more a brown hue yet after being oiled it takes on a reddish look (see photos below).

Despite the natural bend which is inherent in wood of any kind the artist was able to carefully place and fasten each board to create the perfect spacing and straight look of this deck. At night the deck is illuminated by the lights inside the house as well as extra exterior lighting. The light casts nicely over the satin finish surface of the deck.

Close-up of Wenge PlugsThe construction process for this deck involved an invisible biscuit system which allows the boards to be fixed to the sub-structure without placing screws through the surface of the boards. Where the boards were fixed with screws (each end), African Wenge plugs were used to add eye interest to the deck. Every Wenge plug was carefully hand-made, sanded and oiled to bring out its natural black color. Each board was carefully staggered from the boards on either side of it to create a stair-step effect.

Raised Planter BedsThe Planters surrounding the property were also crafted by Bill Carey. They are made from Redwood and with a Ducksback oil finish. Low Voltage wiring was run at the same time that the planters were constructed to allow for lighting on the perimeter of the yard.

Each planter has an eight inch wide top that can double as extra seating during parties. These custom beds will hold Vintage Roses of many varieties.

Deck With OilA custom poured concrete pad adds a seating area for barbeque's while the addition of a French Drain under the deck itself adds to the functionality of the deck itself as it resides downhill from the rest of the yard.

The Artist has taken excess material from the building of this deck and created a matching dry bar which resides on top of the deck for entertaining purposes as well! This along with the addition of a new Barbeque greatly enhanced the summertime entertaining of this yard.